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Men To Talk To

Men To Talk To at Prostate Cancer Support Thunder Bay

Be comfortable knowing that these folks, who have all experienced prostate cancer, will gladly talk to you and your spouse about their treatments and outcomes. This is your chance to get a patient's perspective. Please feel free to talk to more than one of these support group members.

Local Men Available to Talk to You about your Prostate Cancer:

Our experience includes: Surgery, Radiation, and Hormone therapy.

Gary Allen 2002 (H R S)
Grant Arnold (S 2002 R 2010)
Marc Breton (en français) (S 2015)
Rick Eade (S 2012)
Bill Everitt (S 2005 H 2005 - 18 R 2018)
David Everitt (men under age 50) (S 20015 R 2016)
Marcel Girouard (en français) (S 1999)
Bill Horde (S 2001)
Ed Long (S 2001)
Des Stolz (R 2018 H 2018)
Cy Zurba (S 2012)

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