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Our Video: It's A Family Affair

This video is timeless in its usefulness to help prostate cancer patients and their families cope with the disease and its treatments.

Cette vidéo est intemporel dans son utilité pour aider les patients du cancer de la prostate et leurs familles à composer avec la maladie et ses traitements. En 2012 cette vidéo sera disponible en français.

The video was first shown to many PCS groups in Northern Ontario and received very positive reviews. A DVD has now been distributed to all Ontario PCSs and then to all PCSs in Canada. These prostate cancer support groups will have the opportunity to use this video in their group meetings and public discussions. Other interested organizations who wish a copy of the DVD can contact their local PCS (see Prostate Cancer Canada Network in the Resources page at left to locate a nearby PCS group), otherwise contact Prostate Cancer Support Thunder Bay.

We wish to thank the Ontario Trillium Foundation for providing funds for the production of It's A Family Affair, and Jim Hyder for directing and managing the project.

Content: Each segment of the video stands alone and can be used for a focussed discussion afterwards. Most segments contain the story of one man's experience, and often his family's experience, in dealing with prostate cancer. In another segment three ladies tell their experiences from a spouse's or partner's point of view.

Click on these individual images taken from the video to watch the particular segment on YouTube now.

Jim Hyder / 2:32 minutes

A prostate cancer survivor, director and project manager, Jim Hyder introduces the video "It's A Family Affair" and encourages an open discussion of the issues men and their families have to deal with when they are diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Peter Keddie / 12:23 minutes

A single man shares his experience and feelings about having prostate cancer. Keddie acknowledges the importance of having the support of a wife, a partner, or a friend in dealing with prostate cancer.

Peter Globensky / 15:00 minutes

Globensky tells his story, eventual treatment by laparoscopic surgery, and some of the issues he had to deal with following treatment. He shares his feelings and how he dealt with the diagnosis and his family.

The Ladies: Ev Burki, Christine Hyder, and Beth Long / Part One 13:36 minutes

Three women share their experiences, needs, and the issues they had to deal with since their husbands were diagnosed with prostate cancer.

The Ladies: Ev Burki, Christine Hyder, and Beth Long -- Part Two 13:11 minutes

They are candid in discussing such issues as incontinence, sexual dysfunction, and the importance of communications between the partners.

Ed Long / 11:09 minutes

Ed Long talks about the importance of having the support of his partner Beth throughout his journey with prostate cancer, from researching the disease, to deciding on surgery as the appropriate treatment, to living and dealing with the side effects of the treatment. Ed shares some of his most personal feelings.

Bill Vantour / 6:28 minutes

Bill Vantour talks about his experience with brachytherapy, and shares some of his subsequent issues with recurring scar tissue as a personal side effect. Bill stresses the importance of having his family involved early in understanding the disease and the treatment options.

Duncan Jamieson / 12:23 minutes

Duncan Jamieson talks about male sexuality and the reluctance of men to talk about issues that affect it. Duncan had successful laparoscopic surgery in 2006.

Bill and David Everitt / 10:30 minutes

Bill Everitt shares his experience with hormone therapy following surgery. Both Bill and his son David comment on the importance of knowing and sharing with family members the side effects of this treatment. Bill also emphasizes that it is important to be open with family and friends as they are concerned about us and want to be there to provide support.

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